To access the asset management system cut and paste into Chrome or Firefox (we are having problems with edge). You should get the below page:

Click ‘Login’ on the top right hand corner and the following Logon page should be visible.

Enter your CHI username and password and click login. You will then be taken to the following page:

In the top menu bar you can now see Organisations, Users, Permissions and Data providers.

Before creating a new asset/dataset you will need to make sure that the data provider and the category it belongs to exists.

Click on data providers and you will see the following screen:

Click on create data provider and the following page will be seen:

The only required field is provider name. Enter all the information and click create and the data provider will be seen in the list of providers.

Click on organisations and the following screen will be seen:

Click on categories:

Click on Create new category:

Complete the details. The parent drop down will be SAIL. Click create category.

The category will now appear in the categories list.

From the home page click organisations:

Click assets:

Here you will be able to see a list of all the assets (datasets) that are associated with SAIL.

To create an asset click the create asset button (note: you must check that the data provider and category exists before creating the asset).

To view the assets as the public would go to the organisations page and click on SAIL databank.

This will take you to the overview page where you can select all categories.

You should then be able to see the list of assets and if you click on one you should be able to see the details.

The first page is the dataset overview page and required fields are marked with *.

Status and visibility will determine if the asset is public (i.e. on the website) or Private (only visible to you)

To publish the asset on the website you will need to slide the publish toggle button to the right.

Keywords need to have a comma between them.

The next page is Dataset details.

Spacial coverage is the geographical coverage of the data i.e Wales

Security classification is usually sensitive.

These pages will cover the essential information to create an asset and you can click save to create the asset.

The asset should now appear in the assets list.

To edit and asset just go to the organisations page and select assets. Next to each asset is an edit button. This will open the edit page and allow you to make changes.